She has been working as a professional interpreter (in conferences, seminars, trainings, workshops and focus groups) since 2006 when she graduated from Boğaziçi University Department of Translation and Interpreting Studies. She continues to work in Barcelona and other European cities since 2014. Below is a brief list of some activities where she worked as a consecutive and simultaneous interpreter.

11.10.2010 Tofaş General Management Incadea/Windows NAV CRM Presentation EN-TR/ TR-EN Simultaneous 

12-14.10.2010 IF Metall Trade Union EN-TR/ TR-EN, Simultaneous

27.09.2010 Critical Psychology Symposium-Istanbul University EN-TR/ TR-EN, Consec.

19-21.10.2010 29th International BoatShow EN-TR/ TR-EN, Consec.

22.10.2010 Turkish Football Federation The meeting of referees EN-TR/ TR-EN, Simultaneous

04.11.2010 Turkish Football Federation Meeting of assistant referees Simultaneous

09-10.11.2010 Erikli-Nestle Sales Representatives Training EN-TR/ TR-EN, Consec.

12-13.11.2010 International Human Rights Watch Violence Against Women Department/Interviews with Lawyers EN-TR/ TR-EN, Consec.

10-11.12.2010 Kurdish Literature, Art and Culture Conference EN-TR/ TR-EN Simultaneous

3-6.01.2011 Turkish Football Federation Referee Training Seminar EN-TR/ TR-EN, Simultaneous

02.02.2011 Conference on Kidde Fire Extinguishinging Systems Simul.  EN-TR/ TR-EN

13.09.2011 Conference on Aon Wind Power Insurance Instruments Simultaneous EN-TR/ TR-EN 

21/22.09.2011 Turkey Hospitality Summit 2011 Simultaneous EN/TR-TR/EN

03.10.2011 S.Oliver Supplier Conference Simultaneous EN/TR-TR/EN

02.02.2012 Macedonia Turkey Commercial Forum Meeting Simultaneous EN/TR-TR/EN

06/07/08/09 02.2012 Emotion-Focused Therapy Training Course by Leslie Simultaneous EN/TR-TR/EN Greenberg

07.03. 2012 Meeting in Istanbul Commerce Simultaneous EN/TR-TR/EN University to Announce Turkish Reputation Index Results

10.03.2012 The Opening of the 10th Film-mor Simultaneous Women Film Festival EN/TR-TR/EN

14.04.2012 UNDP-Ministry of Justice Victim-Offender Mediation Workshop consecutive EN-TR/TR-EN

31.05-02.03 2013 Middle East Women Conference EN-TR/TR-EN simultaneous

09-11.10.2014 2nd General Assembly of Islamic Conference EN-TR/TR-EN Youth Forum

25-26 November 2015 Swarovski Sales Representative Training in Barcelona EN-TR/TR-EN, simultaneous

19 May 2015 MezoKlinik Product presentation in Barcelona EN-TR-ES, consecutive

28.09.2016 Ascencia Product Launch EN-TR-ES, simultaneous

27-28.10.2016 Ilerimplant factory visit in Lleida ES-TR, consecutive

3-4.10.2016 Physical Therapist Training in Budapest EN-TR/TR-EN, simultaneous Kevin Alsac

17.11.2016 Presentation of Seat Leon in Barcelona sim. EN-TR

14-15. 06.2017 World Health Organization, Financial Protection Monitoring Training in Barselona, EN-TR, TR-EN, whisper interpreting